Setex Gecko-inspired Technology

We engineered 2,000 patented microscopic fibers on each nose pads to secure and comfortable grip, even on sweaty skin. These fibers are modeled on a gecko’s sticky toes.

Close-up of Setex Nose Pad
Setex Microfiber
Skin Friction Video

To the naked eye, you can tell something is going on with a Setex product, but exactly what? Looking at our products under a microscope reveals our secret: thousands of soft skin-safe microfibers on every product we sell result in unprecedented grip.

Changing the game on gripping

There are other materials that grip well to dry skin. The challenge is to grip comfortably, and to grip well when skin becomes wet, sweaty, or oily - which makes surfaces very slippery. By engineering gecko-inspired geometries into our products, we have created soft-touch surfaces that interface well with skin. Our compliant Setex microfibers have a patented mushroom-shaped tip, that acts like a soft micro-hook to latch onto our skin, even as we sweat. Thousands of these microfibers on each Setex product we produce keep products in place, and keep our customers in control.

We have tested the grip of our products against competitors, and we always come out on top!

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