Setex® Earbud Grips - For Wired Apple® EarPods®

Setex Wired Apple EarPod Grip Pads are ultra-thin (0.6mm), add strong grip to your Earbuds. Designed for Apple EarPods but may be compatible with your favorite brand. Colors: Black, Blue or Red. Thickness: 0.6mm Quantities: 12 pads

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Setex Wired Apple EarPod Grip Pads are ultra-thin (0.6mm), add strong grip to your Earbuds. Designed for Apple EarPods but may be compatible with your favorite brand.

Colors: Black, Blue or Red.

Thickness: 0.6mm

Quantities: 12 pads


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Product Benefits:

  • Comfortable, anti-slip grip
  • Works on wet or oily skin and surfaces
  • Soft to the touch
  • Easy to apply

Use Cases:

  • Strong grip while running or doing sports.
  • Keep EarPods in place while taking a walk.
  • Secured in your ears while on the move.

Setex Technology

EarPods or headphones? With so many wearable options, who needs those bulky muffs around your ears? But EarPods can be a bit light and slippery. Our EarPod grips keep them tightly and comfortably in your ears. Move around, play, travel... and always enjoy the sound and worry-free sensation of keeping your earbuds in place.

Setex is a patented, gecko-inspired technology unique in the market. Most EarPod grip pads are made of silicon or latex and rely on the rubbery surface to reduce slippage, but can get very slippery when wet. Our anti-slip pads mimic gecko's fibrillar microstructures to provide a natural, unprecedented grip even on wet or oily skin or surfaces.

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