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If your glasses already fit snug to your nose, or you want very discreet nose pads, we recommend our ultra-thin 0.6mm pads. If your glasses fit well but have a bit extra room around the nose, or you want a bit of additional cushion, we recommend our standard 1mm pads. If you have a narrower or flatter nose, or there is a lot of room between your nose and the nose bridge on your glasses, we recommend our thick 1.8mm pads.
Each pair typically lasts about 4-6 weeks for most daily glasses wearers. It will vary depending on frequency of use, the environment, the frame material, etc. To get the best lifetime for the product, when applying be sure to clean the frames really well with alcohol first and let it fully dry and also make sure hands are clean. It also helps to not to touch the adhesive side when applying the pad if possible, and to not stretch them at all when applying. They should be washed (with mild soap and warm water) regularly to remove any built up oils.
Setex nose pads will not work equally on every style and material of eyeglasses. The nose pads are designed for full plastic frames, they will not work with the style of glasses with nose pads that screw-in. They will stick to hard plastic the best, they will not stick well to soft-touch frames.
No, Setex Grip nose pads are designed for full frame plastic glasses and sunglasses only.
Since the pads will contact face oils, makeup, dirt and dust, the easiest way to clean the nose pads is with mild soap and warm water. Be careful of hot water, as it can weaken the adhesive on the nose pad. Pat dry with a cloth, being careful not to rub too hard and pull off the nose pad.
Our nose pads come in three thicknesses: ultra-thin 0.6mm (0.024”), standard 1.0mm (0.04”), and thick 1.8mm (0.07”). Depending on the shape of your face and whether you are looking for a more seamless look, you may choose one over the other.
The adhesive on the nose pads will hold up well with mild soap and warm water. We do not recommend using hot water to clean the nose pads.
These pads are not made to stack on top of each other. If you need thicker pads, please try our thick 1.8mm nose pads.
These nose pads are made of a soft TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material that has been ISO-approved for safe skin contact with no irritation.
No, they do not leave marks on your makeup. They may pick up a bit of the makeup, but can be easily cleaned with mild soap and warm (not hot) water.
The adhesive is strong for everyday use, but is also designed to be easily removed when the pads need to be replaced. The adhesive will not leave a residue, and it is recommended to clean the glasses with rubbing alcohol before new pads are placed on the glasses.
These are designed to fit full frame plastic glasses and apply to the bridge area of the glasses. If our standard nose pads are too large for the area on your glasses, we do make a smaller kid’s version that fits adult eyewear with a smaller bridge area as well.
Yes, our nose pads are designed to fit comfortably and provide a strong grip without putting pressure on the bridge of your nose. Many customers have reported that the nose pads help reduce the red marks that occur on the nose when wearing glasses.
Yes, they are easy to apply by first cleaning your eyewear, peeling off the backing on the adhesive, and then sticking to your glasses. Some people with limited dexterity may find removing the backing a bit challenging, in that case tweezers can help. Detailed instructions are on our Application Instructions page.
Yes, we offer wholesale pricing for optometrists, all you need to create an account is to have a registered optometrist number (USA only). Please visit setexwholesale.com for more information.
These pads are made out of a TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material that has been ISO-approved for safe skin contact.
They are easy to remove, but not designed to be reused multiple times, due to the type of adhesive. They can be adjusted and moved easily during initial installation.
Yes, you can cut and fit easily into various sizes and shapes to meet your needs.
These grip pads are 0.6mm thick.
Yes, they are easy to apply by first cleaning where you want to place the pads with alcohol, peeling off the backing on the adhesive, and then sticking. Detailed instructions are on our Application Instructions page.

The standard grips fit stock controllers for:

  • PS5
  • PS4
  • Xbox One X/S
  • Xbox Pro
  • Nintendo Switch Pro
  • Steam Deck

The Switch Joy-Con thumbstick grips are for:

  • Switch Joy-Cons
  • Switch Lite

If you try them out on a controller not listed, let us know how it fits!

Yes, this product can be put onto and removed from a controller as many times as you like.
The grippy microfibers fibers will pick up some dirt and dust over time. You can remove them, gently wash them with soap and water, dry, and put back on.
You can remove them, gently wash with soap and water, allow to fully dry, and put back on.
They are relatively soft, made out of a skin safe TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).
The fibers are tested to withstand over 250 hours of intense gaming before starting to wear off. Try and not scratch them, as that can accelerate the wear. Cleaning them once you start to notice dirt buildup between the fibers will also improve lifetime.
Simply stretch the Thumbstick cover over the controller thumbstick, see our application instruction page for more information. If you are having trouble, they become more malleable the more you stretch them.
Yes it will still fit even with a moderate amount of wear. For extreme amounts of wear, the thumbstick grip may be too loose.
designed to fit most eye-glasses with arm width from 0.15-0.5 inches (3.8-12.7mm), including wire wrapped and plastic.
They may potentially snag your long hair if you remove the glasses quickly, but in most cases it is not an issue.
They will need to be stretched to fit onto glasses. The thicker the glasses arm, the more you’ll have to stretch it. If you have difficulty, put the product in hot water for 30 seconds to soften it.
Yes, they can be washed with soap and water.
They are made of a soft thermoplastic elastomer.
Yes. Be sure to follow the application instructions to make sure you apply them properly for best results. The adhesive will eventually wear out (typically after a few hundred of hours of play) and should be able to be removed cleanly. If any adhesive residue is left, we recommend cleaning with alcohol.
Yes, our patented technology is designed to provide you a strong grip even on sweaty, wet and oily skin.
They can be a bit tricky to apply perfectly, for best results follow our directions in our Application Instructions page and be sure to watch the video.
We recommend blotting the pad with tape, duct tape or packaging tape work best. The dirt on the pad will stick to the tape and lift off.
Yes, they are designed to be extra thin to fit smoothly in the case and charge without issues for Apple earbuds and most other brands.
We have specific products for the different generations of AirPods and AirPods Pro and our general wireless earbud grips fit numerous brands of earbuds including Seinheisser, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Bose, and many others.
Be sure not to cover the sensor with the grip sticker. This product does not alter or affect the sensor strip sensitivity as long as it is not placed over a sensor.
The grips are peel and stick, but they are small. Some people find that tweezers make application easier. For best results follow our directions in our Application Instructions page and be sure to watch the video.
We recommend blotting the pad with scotch tape. The dirt on the pad will stick to the tape and lift off.
The grips are made out of a polyurethane material that has been ISO-approved for safe skin contact with no irritation.
Orders on setexgrip.com can only be shipped to addresses in the United States. If you are interested in our products and live outside the US, they are available on Amazon and other regional ecommerce platforms in many countries.
We use USPS for our shipments. The USPS Standard option is free and typically takes longer than the USPS First Class Package, which will have a small fee. The delivery time and fee are dependent on your location. You can view your cart to get a shipping estimate before you go to checkout.
Payments and Refunds
Your payment method will be charged automatically on the date the order is shipped. As soon as you place your order, you may see a pending charge for the total amount of the order. The pending charge will disappear 24 to 48 hours after your order ships.
Products ordered through our website can be returned within 30 days of delivery, with some exceptions. Request a return by contacting us at customersupport@setextechnologies.com
If you ordered through our website, contact us at customersupport@setextechnologies.com within 30 days of delivery. More details can be found at https://www.setexgrip.com/pages/terms-and-conditions Section 3.6. A product purchased from Amazon, Walmart, or other third-party platform must be returned to the platform from which it was purchased according to that platform’s applicable return policy.
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Currently we have a wholesale option for our nose pads available in the US, you must have an American Optometric Association Number to purchase. https://www.setexwholesale.com/
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