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Anti-Slip Soft Touch Circle Grips Improves Your Hold on Everyday Items

Get your Grip on!

  • Soft Touch!
  • Sweat Resistant!
  • Not Tacky or Sticky!

32 Pads

Gecko-Inspired Comfort & Grip
  • Our patented high friction microfiber surface:
  • Is inspired by Microscopic Hairs (setae) of a Gecko’s Foot
  • Securely Grips to Skin & Other Surfaces
  • Feels Pleasant to the Touch
  • Prevents Items from Slipping

Application Instructions


Clean with alcohol where you want to place the gripping material.


Remove pad from liner. Avoid touching the adhesive backing as oils from your fingers could weaken the adhesive properties.


Place the newly exposed adhesive backing on the item where you want to enhance grip

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